Residence Life #2- “I am from…”

For the last two years of Res Life fall training, we have done an exercise on identity development called the "I am from..." poem. Basically, Res Life staff members are tasked with creating a poem that describes where they are from. Most recommend using the phrase "I am from..." to start each stanza, though it … Continue reading Residence Life #2- “I am from…”


Residence Life #1- Intro/Summary

So, my first year at UPS, I lived in a first-year hall called Todd-Phibbs. (#TP2forLyfe!) I had two RAs, one on my side of the hall and one on the other side. I definitely became closer with the RA on my side, it didn't hurt that she was only two doors down. She encouraged me … Continue reading Residence Life #1- Intro/Summary