Economics and Other Topics…to the Max

Did you like the pun? That’s one convenient thing about my name, there’s lots of opportunities to maximize it’s potential.

WordPress prompted me to write this first post to tell you all what I plan to do with this blog, but the tricky part is… I’m not exactly sure what I plan to do with it. I started this after having a great experience with Sound Econ, the student written economics blog at UPS. Partially, it’s a way to keep developing myself as a writer, but I think it is more than that. I think that I just really enjoyed the blog format, and wanted to try it out a little more. As I was putting it together, I just put down some categories which I thought I might write about at some point, like fun math, RA stuff, etc.

We’ll see what this blog ends up being, but for now, I’d just like to welcome you all and thank you for reading!



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